Our school’s website was in desperate need of a face lift. It lacked the basic video capabilities and reliable analytic feedback required to effectively gauge our marketing efforts. That all changed when we inquired with School Site.

Not only has School Site launched us into the 21st century, but in doing design research, I’d put Marquette Catholic’s website up against any in the country. And while the product is head and shoulders above our previous provider, the service we received is what I’ll remember most.

We were a few days from launching, and I had a long list of last-minute edits and fixes that I had overlooked. Terri remained on the line with me for an hour and 27 minutes as we went through each item. Not once did she exhibit impatience or frustration. I’ll never forget that. Chris was also very efficient in making sure the programmers and design team were on the same page.

Our site has been live for three weeks now and while a website is never a “finished product,” we are light years ahead of where we were last year.

I would recommend School Site without reservation. The price was very affordable for a small, private high school and the service was that of a company that knows how to treat people right.