Although it’s never been simple, educating children in today’s society is full of complexities, never imagined by our parents or teachers. Where once there was an analog classroom, we have transitioned into the digitized learning setting, supported by high-definition instructional resources. Educators no longer teach to the mean, but instead differentiate their instruction to meet the learning needs of their students.

As we become more precise in our academic assessments, we’re also able to isolate different learning styles, making instructional expectations more individualized. Add in the lightning speed at which the educational forum is transitioning with technology, and it’s no wonder the teaching profession consistently ranks as one of the top 10 most stressful jobs in America.

This is why we formed FACTS Education Solutions. We’re dedicated to providing meaningful and sustainable professional development services to non-public and private K-12 schools. Simply put, we work to energize the learning experience by empowering educators to define and refine their craft. We do this by providing K-12 educators with relevant content, custom workshops, and leadership coaching. When educators have the right tools within reach, they’re better equipped to meet the needs of their students.

A few examples of our professional development solutions provided to our partner schools include: Improving Student Performance Through Writing and Thinking, RewiredHow to Promote Cognitive Rigor through Classroom Questioning, and Creating Dynamic STEM Embedded Instruction with Robotics.

In upcoming newsletters, I will share how the FACTS Education Solutions team uses extensive knowledge and experience to support schools with title funding including: ESSA Title I, II, III, IV, IDEA, eRate, TEACH grants, and other federally funded programs.

We’re passionate about partnering with and supporting educators, and I look forward to sharing meaningful information about our solutions.

Dr. Patrick Haggarty, President, FACTS Education Solutions