A Lasting Impression 

Converting teacher instruction into student achievement is the main goal behind the new FACTS Coaching program. FACTS Education Solutions launched their research-based coaching program in September so teachers can be at their best for students and their families. FACTS Ed wants students to learn lessons from their teachers that they will carry with them throughout life. Completing the coaching program enables teachers to have a more positive impact on their students’ lives.

Dr. Susan Abelein, Academic Coaching Manager, said the program puts students first.

“In our coaching program, we help ‘connect the dots’ between teaching and learning,” Abelein said. “Then, we work with the teacher to implement research-based best practices that lead to more effective teaching and greater student learning.”

A recent study from professors at Brown and Harvard University discovered large positive effects of coaching on a teacher’s instructional practice. They also found that, “On average, teacher coaching also has a positive effect on student achievement.” The benefits of teacher coaching are unmatchable. Why not build on your valued teachers’ current skillsets by providing them a coaching session to grow and develop? After completing educational sessions, you will recognize that coaching does impact teaching and student achievement.

Coaching Program

The six-week program offers educator-to-educator partnerships to improve teachers’ skillsets. Each cycle of information is customized to meet a school’s unique needs. The sessions are offered through multiple communication platforms, including virtually, in person, or in a hybrid fashion.

The study done at Brown and Harvard University concluded that they, “Did not find any significant difference in effect sizes for coaching programs that were delivered in person or virtually.”

This is especially important data today because of the pandemic. Going virtual is common and it is comforting to know that it is just as valuable as an in-person experience.

Quality Over Quantity

The world we live in today is fast-paced. Our coaching program is designed to provide clear, accurate, and necessary information in a timely matter.

The Brown and Harvard University study established, “The lack of evidence supporting dosage effects suggests the quality and focus of coaching may be more important than the actual number of contact hours.”

When your teachers undergo coaching, they can expect the coaching cycle to be laser-focused on one area of teaching. Each course focuses on one of the five key areas:

  1. Distance Teaching & Learning
  2. Planning for Teaching & Learning
  3. Instructional Strategies
  4. Formative Assessment Strategies
  5. Classroom Community Building & Engagement Strategies

FACTS Ed Coaching Team

Your teachers are not the only ones receiving ongoing training. Our team of coaches receive continuing professional training. This ensures that they are on the top of their game and are effective when instructing your teachers. Your teachers will take what is learned from the coaching program and utilize it to positively impact their students’ education.

“FACTS Ed coaches are exceptional educators who are trained in how to best affirm and strengthen teachers’ skills,” Abelein said.

Our coaching team acknowledges your teachers’ strengths and focuses on improving areas in which your teachers want support. Ultimately, coaching shapes a confident and prepared teacher that results in improving the quality of instruction given to students.

Beneficial to More Than the Teachers and Students

Coaching goes beyond the direct impact of the teachers and students. It benefits the entire school, administration, and the families of the students. When teachers are doing their job to the fullest, parents can be more hands-off at home. Parents are reassured that their children are receiving high quality education because the teachers are part of the FACTS Ed coaching program. Administration benefits from coaching because – it’s essentially taken off their plate. They can tend to their busy schedules, while knowing FACTS Ed is taking care of ongoing teacher professional development. Knowing your school partakes in this coaching program allows your current and future stakeholders to be extremely confident involving themselves with your school.

Next Steps

We welcome you to visit our site and request more information regarding our coaching program. Our team will then reach out to learn more about your school’s unique characteristics and how we can accommodate any wants and needs to support your administration, teachers, students, and their families.