Our Partnership With Nelnet Bank

We believe that access to a quality education – from primary to post-secondary – leads to better, richer lives.

That belief is why FACTS was founded. It’s why we continue to serve millions of K-12 students and thousands of K-12 schools. And it’s why we’re partnering with Nelnet Bank to support educational dreams beyond K-12.

Nelnet Bank is committed to guiding people on their path to a better financial future. Launching later this fall, Nelnet Bank will be a digital-only bank offering resources, products, and services that help families pay for education. They’ll be a great resource for families starting to plan for their child’s higher education experience.

One of the first resources FACTS families can expect to receive is Nelnet Bank’s toolkit to paying for higher education. The toolkit will help families learn more about the college financial aid process and how student loans work. We’re excited to provide these resources to schools as well so you can share it with all of your families. (Here’s a sneak peek.)

We’re still highly focused on serving our K-12 families and schools. We’re also excited to help you prepare for the future as best as we can, because FACTS and Nelnet Bank share the same goal: helping your students achieve their educational dreams.