It’s the beginning of the school year, and it’s time to prepare class gradebooks in FACTS Student Information System (SIS). Some schools allow teachers to set up their own gradebooks, and some schools prefer to configure gradebooks at a school or department-wide level for uniformity.

Teacher steps

Follow these steps for each classroom: Classroom>Gradebook>Options and Categories. In the Options screen, you can adjust settings or load defaults to copy the administrative defaults and then make your own edits.

Administrators or department leader steps

Go to System>System Configuration>Gradebook Setup. You’ll select a course level, set it up individually for each course, and select the options you wish to assign to classes in the course level.

Check out this link for a great resource on Gradebook Setup that will help with the following items and more:

  • Calculation method letter grades
  • Preferences
  • Assignment sorting
  • Standards
  • Grading codes
    • Note: Loading the default codes will add the following codes for the class: A (absent), E (excused), I (incomplete), M (missing), and P (pending).
  • Standards
  • Categories
    • Note: Weights will only apply to percent or mixed calculations. Points do not use weights with categories.

Once you configure the settings, copy them to individual classes. The Copy option allows you to select specific classes or gradebook options to configure teacher classes to match your school preferences.

Best practices          

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Clearing the browsing history regularly can speed up your computer and help avoid problems using web-based applications. The following links provide browser-specific instructions on how to clear cache and cookies:

FACTS SIS training outlines 

Our SIS Training Center in HubHelp provides a helpful step-by step approach to FACTS SIS features like Gradebook Setup by Administrator and Teachers: Using Gradebook.