Although it feels like we’ve just begun the school year, it’s already time to review your school’s payment plan and financial aid assessment options for the next school year.

Grant & Aid Assessment Renewal Options

Some of the more common changes your institution may need to make financial aid assessment options include:

  • Changes to grades eligible for aid.
  • Application start date.
  • Application end date.
  • Any changes to deadlines, tax requirements, or custom questions.

Tuition Management Renewal Options

Some of the common changes your institution may need to make to payment plan options include:

  • Changes to the date families can start setting up payment plans.
  • Changes to institution accounts.
  • Additions, changes to, or removal of payment plan options.
  • Additions or removals of grades for the following school year.
  • Addition of FACTS Advanced Accounting to streamline your accounting processes.
  • Addition of Incidental Billing to collect fees outside of payment plans.

Feel free to contact your account manager if you need clarification or want to talk through options.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with you!