This month, we’re highlighting a few more ways to use FACTS SIS, and be more effective in your school role. With a new year (and a new enrollment season) around the corner, we want you to feel confident and comfortable with where your school is at.


HubHelp App

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to FACTS SIS, the Troubleshooting & FAQs feature in HubHelp is a valuable resource. Check out the training materials we’ve developed to help you use FACTS SIS effectively.

  • HubHelp is available from any screen in the SIS by clicking on the Apps Menu in the upper right corner and choosing HubHelp.
  • Select FACTS SIS from the starting page of HubHelp.
  • Select Training Center, and then Troubleshooting & FAQs and choose from the fifteen categories tailored specifically to help you in your school role.

Troubleshooting and FAQs

Troubleshooting and FAQs

As the current term comes to an end, our attention turns to admissions, attendance reporting, moving students between classes, and preparing for unplanned campus closures. Here are a few of the most common questions we often receive this time of year.

  • I don’t see next year as an option in Default Year, mine only shows this year. What am I missing?
    • Administrators typically create new school years, which are set up in Year and Term Configuration.
    • This is an important first step as you prepare to open Application and Enrollment for the next school year.
    • To learn more about Year and Term Setup check into HubHelp any time you are logged into the SIS following these steps: HubHelp > FACTS SIS > System > Configuration > Year and Term Setup
  • Which Attendance Report works best for our purposes?
    • HubHelp has a list of all of the Attendance Reports in the SIS Report Manager along with an explanation of their purpose
    • HubHelp provides a list of uses, filters, report data sources, and related reports for each of our twenty attendance reports
    • To learn more about Attendance Reports check into HubHelp any time you are logged into the SIS following these steps: : HubHelp > FACTS SIS > Report Manager > click on the heading Attendance Reports
  • How do I move a student from one class to another? When a student changes classes midyear, there are two methods of affecting the change in FACTS SIS; should I use Term Enrollment or Student Transfer?
    • Term enrollment using the Student Schedule – Enroll screen (or Classes).
      • Does not transfer grades and attendance.
      • Both class sections display on the report card (unless the custom report card is programmed to display just one).
    • Student transfer using the Student Schedule – Transfer screen.
      • Use if there are grades, attendance, or report card to transfer.
      • You can only transfer a student into a class in which he or she has never been enrolled
    • To learn more about Student Schedule – Enroll and Student Schedule – Transfer check into HubHelp any time you are logged into the SIS following these steps: HubHelp > FACTS SIS > People Management > Students > Transfer a Student
  • How can we be prepare for an unplanned campus closure? With winter and hazardous weather seasons upon us, it’s good to have a plan for unplanned closures.
    • Here’s a campus closure checklist with best practices you can use to get started.
      1. Communicate
      2. Configure classes for online instruction
      3. Decide how you will count attendance
      4. Consider other school-specific needs
      5. Determine how you will collect assignments and grade remotely
  • To access this checklist and detailed information about each topic check into HubHelp any time you are logged into the SIS following these steps: : HubHelp > FACTS SIS > SIS Training Center > COVID-19 Resources > Additional Resources > Campus Closure Checklist and Campus Closure FAQs.

We’re here to help you use FACTS SIS to make your school run effectively and efficiently. Please contact us in SIS Support Chat, on the SIS Support Line at 866.800.6593, or reach out to your Account Manager if we can be of assistance!