As we near the end of the semester, we’re highlighting some of the FACTS SIS resources available to help you be more effective in your role at school.


HubHelp App

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to FACTS SIS, the Troubleshooting & FAQs feature in HubHelp is a valuable resource. Check out the training materials available to help you use FACTS SIS.

  • HubHelp is available from any screen in the SIS by clicking on the Apps Menu in the upper right corner and choosing HubHelp.
  • Select FACTS SIS from the starting page of HubHelp.
  • Select Training Center, and then Troubleshooting & FAQs and choose from the fifteen categories tailored specifically to help you in your role at your school.

Troubleshooting and FAQs

As many of you approach the end of the second quarter and first semester, our attention turns to report cards, admissions, class rank, and honor roll. Check out HubHelp’s Troubleshooting & FAQs for tips on the following.

  • Report Card Troubleshooting: Review common report card problems and how to fix them, such as:
    • My grades are showing as red.
    • My report card grades don’t match my gradebook.
    • My comments aren’t showing in the report card.
    • A student’s attendance does not show up on the report card, or the attendance is incorrect.
    • The report card template that shows in Family Portal isn’t the report card template we use.
  • Admissions FAQs: Review and understand these frequently asked admissions questions:
    • Can we schedule emails to be sent on specific days?
    • Can we use mail merge to customize emails to inquiries and applicants?
    • If we manually enter someone in inquiry and then they apply via the website, will the system match the records?
    • How do I start enrollment at my school?
    • My admissions numbers look wrong. What can I do?
    • The parents selected the wrong application/grade level. How do I fix it?
  • Class Rank and Honor Roll Troubleshooting: Review common class rank and honor roll problems and how to fix them, such as:
    • My class rank and honors isn’t working.
    • The rank is not showing on transcripts.
    • We forgot to run honor roll last year, what do we do?
    • A student with all A’s does not show on the honor roll or rank.
    • My A/B honor roll is showing as higher than my A honor roll.

We’re here to help you use FACTS SIS to make your school run effectively and efficiently. Please contact us in SIS Support Chat, on the SIS Support Line at (866) 800-6593, or reach out to your Account Manager if we can be of assistance!