Are family payment plans ending on schedule?

In FACTS Tuition Management, the scheduled payment report allows you to see the payment amounts that are scheduled to be processed in a selected time period. You can also view the entire remaining scheduled payment list for each customer or student.

You may want to use this report to check whether any payments are scheduled beyond your normal end date. So, if you need all payment plans to be finished by July, run the report for a date range after your payments should end. If there are payments scheduled after that, you can investigate and/or correct the problem.

Navigation: Select Payment Activity from the Reports drop down list. Under Customer Reports, click Scheduled Payments.

When viewing the remaining scheduled payments for a family, remember that payments with a due date in the past are not included. So, this may not be a full representation of what is owed, only what is scheduled for the future.

Note: If you’re attempting to reconcile the numbers in this report to any other page or report, it is important to note that the purpose of this report is for scheduled payments. An automatic payment that has failed and is scheduled to be attempted again will have a status of “Scheduled” and will be included in this report, even though it’s a past due payment.

However, the status of an invoice payment moves to ‘Open’ once it has been sent. This means it is no longer included in this report once the due date has passed, regardless of whether it has been paid.

For other tips on FACTS Tuition Management reports, visit HubHelp or contact an account manager.