How do you distinguish your school online using social media? Social media marketing is more important than ever and Pinterest is rapidly becoming one of the most widely-used among school marketing professionals.

How do you take full advantage of your school’s Pinterest account?

One way is by adding your school’s blog posts as paid ads on Pinterest (Pinterest refers to these ads as “Promoted Pins”). Blog post content makes for great ads because Pinterest is increasingly becoming a site where people go to find high-quality articles and information. Additionally, the nature of Pinterest ads and their flow within the organic content feed means they don’t come off as overly “sales-y.” A carefully crafted Pinterest campaign can create awareness for your school, boost engagement with your blog, and get your content in front of the maximum number of users. 

How do you start?

It’s a good idea to promote a pin for a blog post that has already done well and received a lot of comments or clicks. These posts are likely to continue to generate engagement once promoted. Don’t forget to set geographic parameters when you promote the pin! You want to be sure you’re targeting local prospective parents. 

Here are a few ideas for school blog topics that would make great Pinterest ads: 

  • Ideas for Healthy Lunches
  • School Study Tips
  • Easing Grade Level Transitions
  • Children’s Book Recommendations
  • College Guidance/Admissions Tips

Finally, and most importantly, be sure to capture leads from your Pinterest ads by putting in links to an Online Inquiry form or to your school’s Online Application in each blog post published on your school website.