Families have had to make many adjustments over the last year – and navigating online learning is just one of them. Imagine being a parent managing your child’s school information online in a language in which you are not fluent. To ease some of the burden for Spanish-speaking families, FACTS added language translation toggles to certain areas of the SIS, Tuition Management, and Grant & Aid Assessment systems. Here’s where we can help:

  1. In FACTS SIS, LMS, Family Portal, and Tuition Management: Landing pages, user account creation, and user account pages can be converted to Spanish.
  2. In Grant & Aid and Tuition Management: Financial aid application and payment plan creation steps can also be converted to Spanish.
  3. If families need information about financial aid or payment plans prior to creating an account, FACTS can provide your school flyers in Spanish.

For families who have payment plans or financial aid applications with FACTS, we do offer bilingual customer support via phone, or chat support when logged into the system. Visit our support page to learn more.