Helping Families Access Tax Documentation

This is the time of year when families may be requesting records of payments made to your school for tax purposes.

If you are a school using FACTS Premier Integration, you can provide these instructions to your families to locate and print tax summaries.

If you are using FACTS Tuition Management (but not Premier Integration with our SIS), you can send these instructions to your families.

2021-2022 Grant & Aid Tuition Rates

If your school uses FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment, make sure to send your account manager team your updated tuition rates for the 21-22 school year. We will continue to use the rates previously provided to us to calculate your families’ need until we receive the new rates for the upcoming school year.

Cleaning Up Your Payment Plans & Billing Roster

When you need to remove families who are no longer attending your school, use this method to change their status and take them off of your active roster.

  • Click Roster on the top navigation bar.
  • Next to Fields to Edit, select Status from the drop-down menu.
  • Click View List.

Cleaning Up Your Payment Plans & Billing Roster


The customer status only impacts the ability to add new services to the customer, such as a new payment plan or incidental invoices. It does not affect existing activity and will not stop automatic payments.

  • Select the appropriate status from the drop-down menu. Making the status Inactive is sufficient to remove them from your roster.
  • Click Update to save your entries before moving to the next page.

Cleaning Up Your Payment Plans & Billing Roster_2

Cleaning Up Your Payment Plans & Billing Roster_3

Once the status is selected, hit the update button to change their status.